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Explore the fjords of Norway

This activity is provided by our partners at Visit Abisko.

When: October 4th – November 11th
(See Fjäll to Fjord – Narvik Day Trip for Nov 13th – Mar 31st).
Pick up from: All hotels in Abisko and Björkliden
Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Price: 995 SEK/person

Take a day trip into the mountains and beyond into Norway and the beautiful fjord city of Narvik on-board one of our comfortable vehicles. Heading off along the shore of scenic Lake Torneträsk – the sixth largest and second deepest lake in Sweden – the tour slowly follows the famous Navvy Trail, giving a chance to see beautiful mountain vistas, partially frozen waterfalls and stunning Arctic valleys before stopping at the border to enjoy the magnificent views and to take photos.


Our first stop will be at a scenic overlook at the base of Bjorkliden’s world famous ski hill. From this vantage point you will enjoy a birds eye view of the Abisko valley, Lake Torneträsk, soaring mountain peaks and the crown jewel of the Abisko Alps – Lapporten. This spectacular view is one of the most scenic locations in the area and is sure to be a highlight of your stay!

After we leave the stunning views of Lapporten behind we will enter a region with beautiful lakes, flowing creeks and views into the wilderness that can not be duplicated anywhere else in Sweden. As our vehicle meanders through this stunning wilderness your guide will stop at one of several scenic locations so you can get out of the vehicle and briefly explore the area on foot. This will give you an opportunity to breath in the crisp mountain air and capture a few moments with your camera and create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

After our short stroll the adventure continues up and over Björnfjell – a stunning Norwegian mountain dotted with small grass roofed cottages – before safely making our way down on the other side of the pass, where small birch trees give way to large evergreens, and dramatic mountains fall steeply down into the Norwegian Fjord.

The beach is the next stop where you will have the opportunity to take in the spectacular vistas across the open water flanked by massive mountains on either side. During this beautiful stop you will have the option to enjoy a picnic on the beach. Be sure to bring a packed lunch along so you can enjoy a tasty meal with a world class view!

Finally you will arrive in Narvik where you will have the opportunity to ascend to the top of the Grand Royal hotel where you can enjoy a snack or something to drink and sit back to take in the panoramic views across the town and beyond. 

Don’t miss this beautiful journey to the fjords of Norway!


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