Lights Over Lapland is excited to introduce our newest tour – an incredibly exclusive sleigh ride and Aurora Photo Tour in the heart of Abisko’s remote wilderness!

When: December 4th to March 24th
Meeting place: Abisko Mountain Lodge
Time: 8:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Price: 1695 SEK/person
Includes: Camera, tripod, backpack, warm overalls, head lamp, warm drink, guiding services, snowmobile sleigh ride and approximately 3 hours of searching for and photographing the aurora.
Additional information:  It is important that you bring warm clothes to wear under your overalls and warm insulated winter boots for your feet.
We ask that you provide your own SD memory cards to be used in our cameras. We recommend a minimum of two to four gigabytes of storage space. Memory cards are also available for purchase if needed (16 GB: 200 SEK). Minimum age: 10 years old (children under 15 years old will need to share a camera with their parent).
Optional round trip transfers: STF Abisko Turiststation – Abisko Mountain Lodge 175 SEK/person
Björkliden – Abisko Mountain Lodge 325 SEK/person More info

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

For the first time in Lights Over Lapland’s history we are offering our guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to join one of our world famous photographers on a sleigh ride adventure into one of the most iconic wilderness locations in the Abisko valley! The tour begins at the Abisko Mountain Lodge where your guide will provide you with a professional quality DSLR camera, overalls, headlamp and all of the information needed to prepare you for the evenings adventure. After a brief description of how to use your camera your guide will lead you to one of our beautiful snowmobile driven sleighs and help you on board and prepare you for the nights adventure. We will slowly travel through ancient Arctic forests, across frozen lakes, take in incredible mountain vistas and pristine Arctic wilderness before arriving at our exclusive location – One of Lights Over Lapland’s remote, wilderness camps. Our beautiful outpost is in one of the most remote and scenic locations in the Abisko valley with incredible views in every direction and wide open vistas to the north – the heart of the northern lights. This fantastic location allows our guests to access one of the darkest areas in Abisko which means we will have an opportunity to see and photograph stars, galaxies, the milky way and the aurora borealis with virtually no light pollution.


Upon arrival your guide will help you set up your camera, and help you capture unforgettable images of the northern lights dancing above the Abisko Mountain Range, Lake Torneträsk and all of the other spectacular scenery visible from our wilderness camp. While your professional photography guide helps you make the most of your camera, a professionally trained Arctic guide from our partners at Activities in Abisko will prepare a glowing fire inside of our shelter giving you an opportunity to go inside and warm up while waiting for the northern lights to make the first appearance of the evening. The crackling fire also creates a beautiful glow in the camp that guarantees incredible images in virtually any weather condition. As the evening continues your guide will serve you a light snack and a steaming mug of our delicious Lingonberry juice. The combination of our locally produced lingonberry juice and the magical dance of the northern lights is more than enough to warm your body and soul even on the coldest of Arctic nights!


This evening under the stars offers you a fantastic opportunity to learn about the culture & natural history of Lapland and gives you chance to experience beauty that can only be found in Abisko. During our time together we will discuss the way that locals interact with nature and explore the cultural impacts that the northern lights have had on the local inhabitants of the region during the last several centuries. This incredibly exclusive trip into the nature surrounding Abisko National Park is strictly limited to 10 guests per trip and includes two highly trained leaders – one professional photographer and one professional Arctic guide. Lights Over Lapland is the only photography tour operator in Abisko to go to the expense of including two guides for your adventure in the Abisko valley. We believe that this service is crucial when traveling into the wilderness as it provides our guests with the highest levels of service and safety. This spectacular adventure has a ratio of one guide to five guests making this trip the most exclusive photography tour in Abisko!

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