The old boathouse in Abisko National Park was originally built at the turn of the century as a small house for the captain of a transport ship on one of Abisko’s most iconic bodies of water – Lake Torneträsk. Fast forward nearly 100 years and the old boathouse experiences a major transformation – on January 26th of 2012 this amazing structure became our original location offering guests shelter from the cold and serving as a beautiful piece of foreground interest for one of our most iconic images:


The images and a timelapse video captured on that amazing night in 2012 catapulted Lights Over Lapland into the media spotlight and literally put Lights Over Lapland and Abisko National Park on the aurora watcher’s map overnight. Within less than twenty four hours National Geographic discovered the video we captured of auroras dancing over the boathouse, and the rest is history. Join us at the boathouse this Autumn and be a part of the evolving history of Abisko National Park.