MatPhotography has always been a driving factor, my entire adult life has been influenced by my desire to experience and see new places, peoples and cultures. I have taken every opportunity available to me to visit or work in different countries and this desire has allowed me to photograph some of the most incredible sights.


I have been lucky enough to spend over 2 years on a floating block of ice in the Antarctic, 6 years driving across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. I have climbed peaks everywhere from Nepal to New Zealand and lived with indigenous tribes from Cameroon to Namibia, very lucky.


I first experienced aurora during the winter of 2005 whilst in the Antarctic, the science station I was working on had an alarm that sounded when auroral activity was present and we all excitedly rushed outside to witness the first display of the winter, I can remember the breathtaking, otherworldly experience and I was hooked. Aurora Australis was the beginning and I knew that I had to experience the North and Aurora Borealis.

Mat Richardson 4

I first visited Sweden in 2011 and instantly fell in love with the people and the country. From the 80 countries I have visited, it was one of only a handful of places I felt that I could actually live and enjoy. I bought a house in 2012 and started the process of moving full time and opening my own Commercial Photography business, 2014 saw me realise my dream and I now have Sweden as a base.

I live far enough North to be able to see the Aurora from my house, the experience is unusual in that every time I witness the lights I am amazed, it never fails to stir emotions and wonder at the sheer brilliance of the natural world.

Mat Richardson 5

The opportunity to combine my passion for photography and teaching with the majesty of the aurora was something I couldn’t pass up, when I heard that Lights over Lapland were hiring it was logical that I applied and I was lucky enough to be accepted to join the team with Chad, Linnea and Tobbe. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming aurora season and helping visitors to realise their dreams of witnessing and photographing the Northern Lights.

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