oliver Traveling and photography are my passions – and I love the variation. So whether traveling means hiking in the mountains or jungles, sailing a 18th century ship, or crossing the US in a tour bus with a rock band it all suits me fine. On my travels I have hiked the Andes, Himalayas and Simien mountains of Ethiopia and lived with a remote indigenous tribe in the depths of the Amazon rain forest. The opportunity to capture these spectacular places with my camera has been one of the most exciting endeavours of my life.

Recently I have had the pleasure to sail on expeditions on-board the Swedish ship Götheborg, where I work as a film maker and editor. She’s a replica of an early 18th century East India trading ship – a stunning beauty and the world’s largest wooden sailing ship, standing out out even at the greatest maritime events in the world.

 Pictures coming soon!

My background is in the arts, working as a musician and on a theater. After extensive travelling in Latin America, Africa and Asia I quit working in the cultural field and studied to become a guide at the mountain leader education in Storuman, Sweden. This is the original and most extensive of these schools in Sweden, with certificates in rafting, climbing, avalanches, skiing and hunting. I also hold the medical outdoor certification Wilderness First Responder and a Ship’s Officer’s Class VIII exam. I love meeting people from all over the world – so I am really exited about being back up north this season to work for Lights Over Lapland in Abisko. I hope to see you on one of our tours soon!

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