Lights Over Lapland

The Sami & Reindeer Experience

When: December to March
Pick up from: All hotels in Abisko and Björkliden
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Price: 2195 SEK/person
Includes: Transportation, guide, lunch



Take a day trip to the Sámi village of Rávttas, 45 minutes east of Abisko and experience a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the reindeer people. This exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity allows you to experience the amazing lifestyle of the Sami people and to get up close and personal with Laplands most iconic creature – the reindeer. During this exciting adventure you will have an opportunity to feed the reindeer and absorb the magical relationship between the Sami and their most cherished resource.

During your visit to Rávttas you will also have an opportunity to enjoy a short ride on a traditional sled behind a reindeer just as the Sami people have done for hundreds of years. After your ride you will have a chance to learn how to identify different reindeer in the herd based on personal characteristics and behaviour. All of this excitement will most certainly make you hungry – your guide will lead you to one of our traditional Sami lavvus (teepee) where you will be served a fresh and delicious meal around an open fire. This glimpse into traditional Sami life will be one of the highlights of your visit to Abisko! Space on this tour is extremely limited – book your space today!

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