Activities - This season

December 2020 March 2021

Lights Over Lapland has made the difficult choice to cancel most of our own activities in Abisko this season out of an abundance of caution and the desire to keep our guests safe during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. That said, we are still offering a Private Aurora Tour in Abisko on limited dates which can be booked below. In addition to our Private Aurora Tours, we are still offering activities which are provided by our trusted partners.

  • Please note that all the activities we are offering this season, with the exception of the Private Aurora Tours are provided and operated by our partners in Abisko and are not led by Lights Over Lapland’s team of professional guides.

Our activities for the 2021/22 aurora season are bookable online by scrolling down on this page to the section titled “Activities – Next Season”.

Northern Light Trip

A snowmobile sleigh ride to a remote location in the Abisko wilderness.

Info and booking

Dog sledding

This once in a lifetime trip allows you to sit back and take in the scenery while your guide drives you into some of the most amazing places in Abisko National Park!

Info and booking

Two hour snowmobile adventure

Drive your own snowmobile or share one with a friend and travel into the area around Abisko National Park and beyond.

Info and booking

Snowshoe Hike

Join your guide and spend the afternoon hiking into the heart of the mountains while searching for the wildlife that makes the region so special.

Info and booking

Ice Fishing

Your professional guide will help you discover the joy of pulling an Arctic Char from the depths of the mighty Lake Torneträsk!

Info and booking

Panorama Snowmobile Tour, 2 hours

Your guide will lead you to Abiskojaure, one of the most beautiful and isolated lakes in the National Park.

Info and booking

Great Outback Tour, 4 hours

This trip allows you to go further, and see more of the area than any other snowmobile trip in Abisko!

Info and booking

Activities - Next season

December 2021 March 2022

Nightly Aurora Photo Tours

Don’t miss an opportunity to join the #1 rated nightly aurora activity in Abisko on TripAdvisor!

Info and booking

Abisko Private Aurora Tours

Our private aurora tours in Abisko allow you to join one of our top-rated adventures knowing that the trip will be 100% private giving you much more security against COVID-19 and flexibility to join our tours on your own terms - with much more one on one time with our team of guides!

Info and booking

Morning hike in Abisko National Park

Would you like to enjoy a morning hike in the Arctic wilderness with one of the best outfitters in Abisko? Let one of Lights Over Lapland’s professional guides take you for a short, 4-5 km guided hike in Abisko National Park!

Info and booking

Landscape Photography Adventure

Enjoy a four hour landscape adventure with one of our professional photography guides!

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Abisko Activities in Swedish Lapland

Lights Over Lapland offers an extensive catalogue of activities in Abisko. Whether you are looking for an aurora activity under the clear skies of Abisko National Park, an exciting daytime adventure or anything in-between we’ve got you covered! Our daytime and evening activities in Abisko have been enjoyed by thousands of guests over the last ten years and have gained a reputation for having the best guides and the highest levels of quality in the National Park.

Our Nightly Aurora Photo Tour is the number one rated activity in Abisko on Trip Advisor and was the original aurora tour in Abisko National Park. Our Landscape Photography Adventure takes you to locations that no other operator has access too and truly goes off of the beaten path. Looking for something different? We offer dog sledding trips, visits to the Icehotel, snowmobile adventures and much more! Book all of your activities in Abisko with Lights Over Lapland and start planning your adventure in the Arctic today!

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