Most of our guests fly into Stockholm’s Arlanda International Airport from their home country. From Stockholm you can catch a quick domestic flight to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. Once you arrive in Kiruna, Abisko is a one and a half hour journey along a spectacular stretch of Arctic wilderness that meanders through birch forests, scenic shorelines and a beautiful mountain valley. There are a couple ways to get from Kiruna to Abisko including private taxi and train options. If you are arriving into Kiruna with a flight from Stockholm please contact us and we will be happy to help arrange transportation to Abisko. All trips between Kiruna and Abisko should be booked well in advance.
For our guests that yearn for a little more adventure and the opportunity to see a bit more of the Swedish countryside, you also have the option of a romantic overnight train journey from Stockholm all the way to the door of our hotel in Abisko. This option is the most environmentally friendly way to travel in Sweden and is highly recommended by the Lights Over Lapland team. There are two train stops in Abisko so make sure to get off at the correct stop. If you are staying at the Abisko Mountain Lodge or any other hotel in Abisko Östra you should get off at the first stop called “Abisko Ö”. If you are staying at STF Abisko Turiststation in the National Park, please get off at the second stop called “Abisko Turiststation”. Train tickets become available 90 days prior to travel. Please be aware that train delays sometimes occur, especially during the coldest winter month of January. In extreme cases, trains can be cancelled or replaced by busses for certain stretches of the journey.
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