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Northern Lights Holidays For Solo Travellers in Sweden

If you are dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights and are looking for a good place to visit as a solo or single traveller, let us explain why Abisko is the perfect destination!

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I was swimming in the Northern Lights!

All around me the lake shimmered visibly green with the reflected aurora. The only sound in the silence of the night was the gentle splash of my hands as I cut through the water, the reflected aurora undulating on the ripples radiating away from me—I was swimming in the Northern Lights!

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What is the “blue hole” of Abisko and why does it make Abisko National Park the best place on Earth to see the northern lights?

If you have spent any time researching a trip to see the northern lights you have probably heard rumours about the blue hole of Abisko and how it has catapulted our tiny remote village into the spotlight and solidified Abisko’s reputation as the the best place on Earth to see the aurora borealis.

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Lights Over Lapland is open for business!

The last year has been a strange one for the tourism industry, and for the human race as a whole. With most of the population has been on lockdown and unable to move freely across the globe, intrepid travellers have been patiently waiting for the right moment to break free of restrictions and to start travelling again. We believe that for most of our guests, the time is now.

Northern Lights

Our brand new Ultimate Aurora photo adventure is now limited to 8 guests per guide!

Over the past few months we have created a new unique nightly experience – The Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure, which has replaced our world leading Nightly Aurora Photo Tour. After long discussions with our team we all agreed a new cap of 8 guests on our Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure which would not only offer more opportunities for social distancing in our shelters, a need driven by the global pandemic, but also the chance of easier mobility if we decide to change locations during the tour.

Northern Lights

Lights over Lapland has recently upgraded our array of webcams!

Lights Over Lapland has been operating an array of aurora webcams in Abisko National Park, Sweden for nearly a decade now. This journey all started when our founder, Chad Blakley was working at the Aurora Sky Station.

Northern Lights

Lots of exciting new adventures coming next season!

We are proud to announce that we have created several new aurora watching experiences, which we believe represent the best catalogue of daytime and evening activities in Abisko available at any price point!

Northern Lights

En Blogg på svenska för våra besökare från Sverige!

Svenska resenärer har besökt Abisko nationalpark i över 100 år men då främst för att fjällvandra eller åka skidor. Nu har tiderna förändrats! Norrskenen lockar tusentals turister från hela världen till Abisko och Lappland, speciellt mellan oktober och mars. Svenska gäster har också sakteligen börjat komma på besök och fått se på ordentliga norrsken som dansar över hela himlen.

Northern Lights

100% private aurora tours in Abisko National Park, Sweden designed to allow you to see the northern lights in a bubble of safety – this season!

Northern Lights

16 Reasons to visit Abisko

Our Sr. guide Chris Hodgson shares his top 16 reasons for why you should visit Abisko!