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Top ten reasons to visit Abisko this Autumn!

Abisko is the best place in the world to see the northern lights, regardless of the season! Abisko has a special microclimate that blesses us with more clear skies than any other location in the Aurora Zone—every single one of our holiday package guests saw the lights on at least one night during their stay last season! The gorgeous mountains that surround Abisko create a phenomenon known as the “Blue Hole of Abisko” which gives us a unique advantage when it comes to aurora hunting! If you are interested, you can read more about the Blue Hole of Abisko here.

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Our 100% Private Escape offers travelers an incredible value!

After completing my 7th season as a Senior Guide for Lights Over Lapland, I’ve come to know the products we offer inside out having guided them all many times. This season I was mostly guiding our multi-day aurora packages and I thought it would be interesting to walk you through my favourite trip to guide – the 4 night, 100% Private Aurora Escape. The Private Aurora Escape is a relatively new product for Lights Over Lapland, but it has quickly become a guest favourite. We feel it offers our guests the most flexibility and the best Arctic experiences, all from the comfort of a fully catered private house in Abisko.

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What is Solar Maximum?

There’s a big wave of excitement rolling through the aurora community right now, and that wave is called “Solar Maximum”. I’m sure you’ve seen your local and national press announcing headlines like “Aurora to be seen all over the UK this week”, or “Aurora visible in mainland US tonight”, and these announcements are becoming more and more frequent. And, they’re becoming frequent because of the current stage of Solar Cycle 25 – Solar Maximum. So, I thought it would be useful to talk through what “Solar Maximum” means and why this is getting us all excited!

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Where will you be when solar maximum arrives?

It is hard to believe it, but our 11th aurora season has officially come to an end in Abisko National Park, Sweden! The 2022/23 aurora season was one for the record books! Lights Over Lapland welcomed thousands of guests from all over the planet and our team world class professionals helped the vast majority of those guests see powerful auroras that will forever live in their memories. Looking back on the season is always a pleasure, but this year was special and the volume of powerful, fast moving auroras was off the scale. Our team of aurora guides has more than 60 years of combined experience under the northern lights and we all agree on one simple fact: we have never experienced a season with as many powerful auroras as the one we just completed! That said, the fun is far from over! As we approach Solar maximum, we should only expect the Sun to become more active and for the auroras to become even more intense! The current Solar cycle is set to peak in 2025 which means that our guests and guides are in for a real treat for the next couple aurora seasons!

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Why you should book a guided tour to see the Northern Lights!

Are you planning a trip to experience the magic of the Northern lights? Then you will likely face the inevitable question: Once you’re in Swedish Lapland, should you venture off on your own or book a guided Aurora tour? While it may seem like a good idea to just step outside and look at the sky to watch the Aurora dance above your head, booking a guided tour comes with many advantages that will most definitely enhance your experience. Let’s take a look at some of them!


End of Polar night!

These days, the first rays of direct sunlight begin to peak above Abisko’s snow-covered mountaintops. If you are visiting now you may still feel that the days are a lot shorter than what you are used to at home. Yet if you look closely at the faces of the people around you’ll find a spark that lights their eyes and lifts the corners of their mouths. Polar night — the darkest time of the year (a phenomenon you should experience at least once in your life if you get the chance) — is coming to an end.

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All about the light!

The northern lights and a full moon make an incredible couple. Wait, what? That can’t be right. After all, isn’t as little external light as possible the key to witnessing the dancing Auroras with our own eyes? Indeed, it is. Light pollution is a big factor determining whether we may or may not see the Northern lights in certain locations. It is also one of the reasons why Abisko is one of the best places on earth to see the Auroras. Still, the moon certainly is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at what that means.

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Lights Over Lapland photographer Sara Brockmann is proud to present her images and stories about life with reindeer!

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Solar maximum in Abisko!

There is a buzz in the Lights Over Lapland office this year. Solar Cycle 25 is here and that means amazing things for the northern lights in Abisko. The sun’s surface is glistening with lots of big sunspots, which could erupt into huge solar flares at any time. Add in the chance of coronal holes, huge openings in the sun’s atmosphere allowing high speed solar winds to escape, then we have the perfect recipe for an amazing aurora season this coming winter.

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What a strange, yet fantastic time to be alive!

As we end the Summer season in Abisko, and approach the Autumn and the return of auroras dancing in the night sky, we can’t help but look back at and reflect upon our last season in Abisko. As we remines about last winter, one thing is clear: it was easily one of the best aurora seasons that our team of guides have ever seen.