Northern Lights

Lights over Lapland has recently upgraded our array of webcams!

Lights Over Lapland has been operating an array of aurora webcams in Abisko National Park, Sweden for nearly a decade now. This journey all started when our founder, Chad Blakley was working at the Aurora Sky Station.

Northern Lights

Lots of exciting new adventures coming next season!

We are proud to announce that we have created several new aurora watching experiences, which we believe represent the best catalogue of daytime and evening activities in Abisko available at any price point!

Northern Lights

En Blogg på svenska för våra besökare från Sverige!

Svenska resenärer har besökt Abisko nationalpark i över 100 år men då främst för att fjällvandra eller åka skidor. Nu har tiderna förändrats! Norrskenen lockar tusentals turister från hela världen till Abisko och Lappland, speciellt mellan oktober och mars. Svenska gäster har också sakteligen börjat komma på besök och fått se på ordentliga norrsken som dansar över hela himlen.

Northern Lights

100% private aurora tours in Abisko National Park, Sweden designed to allow you to see the northern lights in a bubble of safety – this season!

Northern Lights

16 Reasons to visit Abisko

Our Sr. guide Chris Hodgson shares his top 16 reasons for why you should visit Abisko!


Environmentally friendly tourism is more than a trend – it is the way of the future!

During the last several weeks we have spent a lot of time doing everything we can to ensure that our offices create the smallest environmental impact possible.

Northern Lights

A day in Abisko National Park as seen via Virtual Reality

While nothing is as exciting as an evening of chasing the northern lights in person, we believe that we may have found the next best thing – watching the lights in virtual reality!

Northern Lights

How Wild Is Your version of Wilderness?

The journey itself had included a little extra excitement as we’d found one area that of trail where deep snow had blown across the track, resulting in the guides and the guests having to dismount the sled briefly and walk a few meters along the trail, allowing the snowmobile to get through the snow while pulling less weight.

Northern Lights

Lights Over Lapland & a match made in stratosphere!

You may be wondering why one of the worlds most respected astrophysisists would come to Abisko? The answer is simple.

Northern Lights

Polar stratospheric clouds create natural fireworks above Abisko just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Polar stratospheric clouds, which are also referred to as PSCs, nacreous clouds or mother of pearl clouds are a rare phenomenon, but they do occur with relative consistency a few times per year high in the stratosphere above the Arctic Circle.