chris After a career break a desire to learn more about photography took me back to college where I learned the whole process on film and in darkrooms. That was it, I was hooked. Two years and a H.N.C later I moved into a camper van with my girlfriend and we’ve been on the road ever since.

I generally travel to see wildlife, but as it’s not always guaranteed I end up taking as many travel images as wildlife ones and have now carved out a style I can call my own. I’ve been north of the Arctic Circle twice, once when I hitchhiked from Canada to Alaska back in the 90s and recently on a four month Nordic road trip. To spend a winter there has been high on my list ever since I was a child, so being based in Abisko is a huge tick on the bucket list.


Most of my time is spent doing telephoto work with wildlife or wide angle travel photography. I have embraced HDR and love panoramas, recently having one printed to sixteen meters. I was also the stills photographer on multi-award winning feature film – Lad: A Yorkshire Story. I’ve managed to capture the aurora back in the Yorkshire Dales, now I cannot wait to add my twist to whatever the Arctic Winter can throw at me.

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