Growing up in rural England, the outdoors has always been a large part of my life. I realized whilst in school that I wanted to explore as much as I could, and I found the best way to communicate the things I observed in nature, was through photography. My obsession for nature led me to complete a Zoology degree, whilst continuing to expand my photographic portfolio, spending a lot of time in the UK, also venturing into Europe to photograph wildlife. Recently, I have been lucky enough to spend 3 consecutive seasons photographing secretive European Brown Bears in the Finnish taiga forests – featuring on the BBC wildlife website.


My favourite discipline is nature photography, but also very much enjoy experimenting with landscape and travel imagery. My images have been shortlisted in competitions such as Mammal Photographer of the year and BWPA, with some images being published in UK newspapers including the Guardian and Daily Mail, as well as in numerous magazine features.



I love sharing and communicating the way I view the natural world with the enthusiasm it deserves; and I am thrilled to work alongside an experienced, talented team at Lights Over Lapland. My aim is to share my love of the outdoors and photographic knowledge with you, helping you capture one of Europe’s most incredible locations.


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