I joined the Lights Over Lapland team in October 2017 to help out with bookings and administration. A former “Stockholmer” and traveller, who nowadays rarely goes south of the polar circle. I moved up to Kiruna in 2012 as another of my meant to be “one-year-projects” to experience all seasons up here in the north. But after just a couple of months I knew that this was going to be my home. The last three years I have been living in Abisko, working at the STF Abisko Mountain Station. I still have my home in the small village of Abisko but will be based in Kiruna for a while, working from my home office with views of the Kebnekaise (Sweden’s highest peak) mountain range in the horizon.




For nature lovers this area is a paradise all around the year. As many of us living up here I spend a lot of time in the nature although more and more of that outdoor time is spent at a cabin we bought a couple of years ago. Its located in the forest, next to a river and although there is a lot of work to be done on and around the house, there is always time to make a fire by the river, make some coffee and enjoy the scenery. In wintertime though, cross country and alpine skiing are the number one spare time activities.

Unlike most of my colleagues at LOL I’m not a photographer but have a degree in International Marketing. However, since I left Stockholm in 2010 I have mainly been working in tourism.

I’m looking forward to helping you put together a great holiday in amazing Abisko and nearby destinations.


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