I’ve always been an outdoor person. I used to be part of the British climbing team and I’ve rock climbed/mountaineered in many places around the world from the European Alps to the Andes! I then had an injury about 5 years ago which took me out of climbing for a while, this left a void of time which was filled by photography! I have never looked back…

Photography is a huge passion of mine and I get excited about the fact that there are so many disciplines. I have a particular love for aurora & landscape photography and also enjoy wildlife, macro, architecture and people photography. I am proud to be able to say that I’m one of a few photographers who has managed to get images included in the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Award for 6 consecutive years.




I have been fortunate enough to photograph the northern lights in Sweden, Norway, Finland & Iceland. After spending several months in Abisko I was enchanted by the ever changing natural beauty of the Arctic and have decided to make Abisko more of a permanent winter home. I’m delighted at the opportunity to work with the team at Lights Over Lapland and I look forward to helping you discover and photograph all of the beauty of Abisko sometime soon.


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