Hello, I’m Ben, a psychology student with focus on burnout and suicide prevention. Passionate about understanding the human mind, I delve into the intricate web of emotions and behaviors. My academic journey reflects a deep commitment to unraveling the complexities surrounding mental health.

Beyond the academic realm, I am an avid enthusiast of languages and cultures. Exploring the richness of diverse communication styles has become second nature to me. I firmly believe that effective communication is the bridge to understanding, fostering connections that extend beyond surface interactions. Not only that, but it also provides insight into understanding the human mind.

My journey has been shaped by a profound appreciation for self-awareness. As a child, you could always find me perched in trees, brimming with energy and a thirst for exploration. While the exuberance of youth may have faded for some, I’ve witnessed its gradual disappearance in many. However, my journey to Abisko has been a transformative experience, reigniting the flame of exploration.
In this Arctic haven, I’ve discovered the power of resetting, creating a blank canvas that allows me to redefine myself without the constraints of conventional desks. Abisko has become the backdrop against which I reimagine the boundless possibilities of life, embracing the spirit of adventure and breaking free from the confines of routine.
This experience has not only revitalized my own sense of wonder but also illuminated the potential benefits of breaking free from routine for others. It serves as a reminder that stepping outside our comfort zones can lead to newfound inspiration and a deeper connection with the world around us.