I am a photographer and creative that loves new experiences, adventure, and people. My photography is mainly documentary and journalistic in style, capturing moments and people’s day-to-day.

I am a Swedish American, born in Sweden, but I have lived 21 years of my life in the states. I have studied fine art photography at the University of Florida. Go Gators! Photography has led me to have some wonderful experiences and helped me connect with people from all over and many walks of life. Creating art, documenting, and helping people’s visions come to life adds so much meaning and joy to my life.

Ever since I was 16, I have dreamed of moving back to Sweden to get fluent in the language and experience Swedish culture as an adult. In December 2018, that dream became a reality. Most people have a hard time understanding how I could have moved from sunny Florida, but the nature here is breathtaking, especially Swedish Lapland in the winter. Of course, at times, I miss the beach and shores, but I have thrived with the nature and opportunities offered here.

I have always liked nature and being outdoors, and I am at my best when water and nature are close at hand, along with my camera. I have lived in Stockholm since moving back but always find myself heading north during my vacations to do photography and enjoy the nature and landscapes northern Sweden has to offer.

I’m excited about this upcoming season, where all my passions collide with nature, adventure, photography, and meeting some amazing people.