Autumn is my favourite time of the aurora season to be in Abisko and I would love to share some of the reasons why you should consider travelling to Abisko during this quiet period.

1. Abisko is the best place in the world to see the northern lights, regardless of the season! Abisko has a special microclimate that blesses us with more clear skies than any other location in the Aurora Zone—every single one of our holiday package guests saw the lights on at least one night during their stay last season! The gorgeous mountains that surround Abisko create a phenomenon known as the “Blue Hole of Abisko” which gives us a unique advantage when it comes to aurora hunting! If you are interested, you can read more about the Blue Hole of Abisko here.

2. Visiting Abisko during the autumn is particularly beautiful; winter has yet to tighten its grip on the landscape and the shimmering lakes in the National Park perfectly reflect a sky full of auroras. This is truly magical to see and it is also great for aurora photography as you can compose stunning images. Abisko is located next to Lake Torneträsk, a vast body of water that remains unfrozen for the longest time; our guides know all the best locations along the shoreline for shooting reflected auroras. Once these lakes freeze, snow accumulates on the surface so if you want to see the Northern lights mirrored on the open water, book a trip to Abisko in the autumn!

3. Autumn in Abisko is actually considered low-season and while this means that there are limited accommodation options, it also means that there are fewer people. If you want to visit Abisko without the crowds, coming in October or November will allow you to enjoy it at a more exclusive, peaceful time!

4. There is a slight statistical increase in extremely powerful auroras around the autumn equinox and this influence can last for a few weeks either side of the equinox. Witnessing a powerful aurora reflected on the unfrozen surface of Lake Tornetrask is an unforgettable experience!

5. The temperatures in the autumn are much milder than over the winter months. During October, the air temperature tends not to drop below -10º Celsius, and while that may still sound cold, it is much more comfortable compared to the more extreme temperatures that you may experience during midwinter for example, when it may drop as low as -30º. If you dreaming of seeing the aurora but are concerned about the extreme cold, visiting during October may be a good solution. That said, we are experts in keeping our guests warm and cosy whatever time of the season. We have welcomed guests from all over the world and I am very happy to say that our team of professional guides are very proficient at helping our guests stay warm and comfortable during their stay with us.

6. Compared to peak season, you should be able to find good deals on travel and accommodation during the autumn months as there is less demand.

7. With the autumn being a slow time for travel overall, the airports, stations, and trains will be less busy so your journey to Abisko should be low stress and easy going.

8. There is often much more availability during this time of the year, especially when compared to festive period and the other busy times of the aurora season.

9. Many of our guests have have visited us multiple times in the winter but visiting in the autumn, before the snow and ice transforms the landscape, is a different experience entirely! In the autumn, you will see things from a totally difference perspective, especially seeing Lake Tornetrask as a wild, open ‘sea’ rather than a vast expanse of snow-covered ice. Bring your hiking boots and explore Abisko National Park; many of the hiking trails become snowbound when winter arrives. We highly recommend that you come back and see us a second time in a different season if you’ve already visited us in the winter!

10. The next couple of aurora seasons will coincide with solar maximum. Visiting in the autumn, either this season or next will give you two very powerful influences to create extremely powerful auroras! With the influence of the autumn equinox AND solar maximum, we can’t wait to see those powerful auroras mirrored in the still waters of Lake Tornetrask!

For an exclusive autumn stay, our 4-night, 100% Private Aurora Escape is perfect for a couple, family, or group of friends looking for an all-inclusive, guided trip in Abisko. Your private guide will help you to experience Abisko at its autumnal best.

While accommodation is limited in the autumn, we are also offering a 4-night, Autumn Aurora Budget Adventure throughout October and early November at an attractively low price. And finally, if you book your own accommodation, we are offering our Autumn Abisko Aurora Chase for nightly aurora-hunting every night of the week.

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