Snowmobile Adventure Abisko (Shared)

Share a snowmobile with a friend and travel into the area around Abisko National Park and beyond.


December - March


Abisko National Park, Sweden

Meeting Place

Abisko Mountain Lodge


9:00-11:00 AM
1:30-3:30 PM

Minimum Age

Children aged 7+

This trip will take your far into the wilderness and high up in the mountain areas. As you cruise through the frozen landscape it is not uncommon to encounter the "King of the Forest", the majestic moose.
Trip Advisor
  • Before making our way back home we will stop for a break where you will be able to enjoy a hot beverage together with the magnificent views.
  • Shared (2 Adult) – Choose this option to have a shared snowmobile (2 person per snowmobile)
  • Shared (1 adult + 1 child 7-14 years old) – Choose this option to have a shared snowmobile (1 child + 1 adult per snowmobile)
  • In order to drive our snowmobiles a regular driver’s license from your home country is required! If you do not have a license you are welcome to join this tour as a passenger.
  • According to Swedish law you must wear a helmet when you drive a snowmobile. This also includes passengers traveling on the snowmobile.
  • The minimum age limit to ride on a snowmobile is 7 years old but we do allow younger children to join as passengers in a sled pulled behind the guide. Please contact us for more information.

Warm overalls, winter boots, gloves, helmet, snowmobile rental, Swedish fika (snack and hot drink).

The trip starts at the small red-and-white building conveniently located on the parking lot at Abisko Mountain Lodge. You will see an Activities In Abisko sign just outside of the building. It is only a 30-second walk from and the Abisko Mountain Lodge and about a five-minute walk from the Abisko Guesthouse.

  • Guests staying at STF Abisko Touriststation will be picked up for no additional fee, 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the tour.

Although snow conditions in December usually provide enough support for snowmobiles, exceptions may occur. In the unlikely event of conditions not allowing us to arrange this trip you will have the choice to either join it on another date or to receive a full refund of your payment. We do not take responsibility for any travel expenses to or from Abisko.

Please note: This adventure is not a high speed snowmobile trip! Most of the guests on this adventure will be driving a snowmobile for the first time. Because of this, we must cater to all skill levels and will not travel at high levels of speed during the adventure.

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