Our guests often ask us if makes sense to join one of our daytime activities during the Polar night portion of the aurora season which runs from early December to late January and the answer is very simple: Absolutely!

Even during the shortest days of the year in the Arctic when the Sun never rises over the horizon there will always be a few hours of spectacular mid-winter daylight bathing the National Park with its rays. This light is very beautiful and can only be found in the Arctic. Many people think that this light will be dull or boring but the truth is that it is one of the most beautiful features of life in the Arctic and is usually one of the most mesmerizing surprises for our guests that join us during the darkest time of the year in December and January.

During Polar night, the sky often turns into the most amazing shades of pink, purple & blue and creates a scene that cannot be found in any other location on Earth. To experience this while enjoying one of our dogsledding trips, a snowmobile tour or while on a snowshoe hike is magical and should not to be missed! It may be rather dark on the way back to the hotel after your tour but all of our daytime activities are timed so that they take place during the brightest hours of the day which ensures that you will have an opportunity to bask in the glory of all the Polar light available while you are in Abisko.

While there are lots of great daytime activities to choose from, we highly recommend that you join one of our Landscape Photography Adventures or our brand new Morning Hike in Abisko National Park. Both of these trips are led by our team of professional guides and are wholly owned and operated by Lights Over Lapland.

Stay tuned for our next blog which will talk about how to choose the best time to see the northern lights: Autumn (October and November), Polar night (December and January) or late winter (February and March)

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