Following our last blog about the images of NASA’s AZURE mission we thought that it might be appropriate to write about another unique event that was captured by our webcam: an incredibly rare moonbow hovering in the sky with a powerful aurora display as a back drop.

The excitement began around 10:00 PM on November the 19th when we received a message from Sr. Lights Over Lapland guide Chris T. Hodgson. The message was full of excitement and informed the team that we should look at the webcam as quickly as possible. Upon opening our FTP server and checking the high-resolution photographs we realized that our webcam had captured something very special, again.

The images that our webcam provided painted a scene of heavy winds, blowing mist, side lighting from a nearly full Moon, a vivid rainbow and a powerful aurora all in one frame! This incredible scene hung in the sky with the northern lights for the better part of an hour and provided our guests with views that they could never have expected – and we think that this is what makes our trips in Abisko National Park so special!

While it is almost guaranteed that you will see snowy mountain peaks, untouched expanses of wilderness, beautiful teams of huskies, the northern lights and a whole catalouge of other thrilling scenes we have found that it is the magical moments that you are not expecting that linger in your memories for many years after you head back home.

The northern lights are the headline of nearly every story written about Abisko, our night with a moonbow only reinforces the fact that you never know what you will see during one of our adventures!

Book your trip of a lifetime with us today and you might just see the next incredible thing happen in the sky above Abisko!

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