Health and safety

Lights Over Lapland is committed to making sure that our guests and team of professional guides are protected during our adventures! While Abisko and the rest of the Arctic are naturally isolated from the rest of the planet by sheer distance and natural openness, we believe that it is critical that we do everything in our power to maintain a healthy and sanitary environment during our multi day adventures, single day activities in Abisko, and private tours in Abisko National Park. Here are a few practices that we are putting in place to make sure that your sole focus in Abisko is chasing the northern lights and making memories that will last a lifetime with our team of professional guides:

  • Keep it clean: We have ramped up our cleaning practices and will be sanitizing all of our equipment on a regular basis to ensure that the gear we provide you is clean and ready for action. A few examples of this include wiping down all of our camera gear with antibacterial spray after each tour, cleaning all surfaces of our vehicles on a regular basis, and ensuring that our cold weather gear is up to a healthy standard.
  • Provide our guests with personal protection equipment upon request: We are investing in PPE prior to the start of the aurora season. This investment includes hand sanitizer, gloves and face masks. All of these items will be available upon request throughout the time that you are with us in Abisko National Park.
  • Reduced volume of guests: Lights Over Lapland has always put a top priority on our guest to guide ratio as we believe that small groups are the best way to ensure that each of our visitors enjoy as much one on one time with our team of professional guides as possible. This focus on quality naturally means that you will never be forced to share the magic of the northern lights with large crowds. All activities which are owned and operated by Lights Over Lapland are limited to a maximum group size of eight guests per guide. The only exception to this rule is our morning hike in Abisko which safely allows ten guests to join us since it is easy to keep a social distance during this hike.
  • Work with local partners: Lights Over Lapland was the first outfitter in Abisko to focus solely on the northern lights. This means that we have long-standing relationships with nearly all of the other players in the area. We use these positive relationships with our partners to ensure that all the services that our guests enjoy during their stay are properly planned to ensure the health and safety of our guests and guides is always a top priority. One example of this include working with the local hotels to ensure that the check in process is fast and easy, while allowing healthy social distancing. Another example is working with the restaurants in our partner hotels to ensure that food is served in a way that maintains top level sanitary standards while still achieving the goal of delivering delicious local delicacies.

Our health and safety practices are being expanded on a regular basis and will continue to evolve in order to stay current based on recommendations of healthcare professionals from all over the world. We believe that these simple measures will go a long way and will give you peace of mind when you visit Abisko. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have and we will be more than happy to discuss what we are doing to keep you safe.

Cancellation policies

We have made some updates to our cancellation policies due to COVID-19 so we can be more flexible with changes and cancellations during these uncertain times. Please see our full company policies here.