Have you ever wondered what sets Lights Over Lapland apart from our competitors? Take a look at the top ten reasons below and learn why Lights Over Lapland is the most trusted provider of northern lights holidays in the Arctic!

We are often asked what sets Lights Over Lapland apart from our competitors so we thought it would be a good idea to write about that very topic here in our latest blog. The truth is that Lights Over Lapland is the original provider of northern lights holidays in Abisko and that our reputation for providing our guests with the absolute highest levels of service and professionalism have been part of our company’s culture from day one. While being the first is always something to be proud of there are many more aspects to consider:

  • We hire only the finest aurora guides! Our team of professional guides all have a background in leadership and a deep understanding of photography. Most of our guides have been working with us for many years – as a matter of fact our three Sr. guides & our founder have a total of nearly 20 years of guiding experience in Abisko National Park. This combined experience means that you truly are in the most capable hands possible and that our years in the field gives you the highest possibility of success when watching the northern lights.
  • We are a family owned company that grew organically in Abisko. The founders of Lights Over Lapland started working at the STF Abisko Turiststation as cleaners in 2008. Their love for Abisko National Park grew into an innate desire to share this incredible destination with the world and created a cottage industry that has helped thousands of guests from all over the word see the auroras and enjoy a northern lights holidays in Abisko. You can read all about how Lights Over Lapland got started.
  • Lights Over Lapland has more five star reviews than all our competitors combined! From day one, we understood the value of treating our customers the way that we would want to be treated while travelling. This strategy has led to nearly 600 five star reviews in the last ten years. To put this into context, the next closest competitor has less than 175 five star reviews. In addition, Lights Over Lapland has just received an invitation to Trip Advisor’s hall of fame as recognition for receiving a certificate of excellence for five years in a row. This recognition is one of our proudest achievements!
  • We offer a full catalogue of northern lights holidays in Abisko including all-inclusive multi day adventures, single evening aurora tours, trips into the wilderness, morning hikes in Abisko National Park and private adventures that cater to nearly every style of traveler. No other company in Abisko offers more ways to enjoy a northern lights holiday in Abisko than Lights Over Lapland!
  • Lights Over Lapland is the only provider of multi day tours that is physically based in Abisko. This means that we spend all our time living, working and playing in the Abisko valley which guarantees that the Lights Over Lapland team are the true experts in the region. Most of the other operators that sell package tours in Abisko are based in big cities like London, Singapore and New York. You can take comfort in the fact that Lights Over Lapland’s headquarters are in Abisko which makes us your local experts on the ground in the National Park.
  • All of our multi day and evening adventures include camera gear! We decided from day one that including camera gear for all our guests was the best way to ensure that each traveler that joins us has an opportunity to immortalize and share their experiences via photographs of their time under the northern lights. You do not need to be a photographer to appreciate this opportunity – as a matter of fact many of our guests have little to no interest in photography but they LOVE the idea of being able to go home with high quality images of the northern lights that they saw during their northern lights holiday in Abisko.
  • Nearly every single guest that has joined one of our multi day adventures over the last decade has seen the lights while in our care! While it is not possible to guarantee success, we can say that there is probably not another company on Earth that has showed more guests the northern lights that Lights Over Lapland!
  • Lights Over Lapland understands that Abisko and the rest of the Arctic must be protected! With this in mind, we do everything in our power to follow all rules and regulations as required by Swedish Law. We also carry a full insurance policy to protect our guests and are proud members of the Swedish Travel Protection program which is also required by Swedish Law. When you book a trip with Lights Over Lapland you can rest assured that we do everything possible to be good stewards of the land we love and that we will make every effort to make choices that follow all rules and regulations which are ultimately designed to keep Abisko and everyone that travels there safe and sound.
  • We work closely with the locals. When designing our northern lights holidays in Abisko we always try to work with local partners. This mindset has helped many local guides enjoy the benefit of an increase in tourism to Abisko and the surrounding areas!
  • Lights Over Lapland has access to more aurora watching locations with shelters than any other company that provides northern lights holidays in Abisko. This abundance of locations means that we always have a nice warm shelter to use while waiting for the northern lights. This also guarantees that we will have access to a location with clear views to the north in nearly every possible weather situation which increases your odds of success.

There you have it! Lights Over Lapland is clearly your best choice when planning a northern lights holiday in Abisko National Park, Sweden!

Stay tuned for our next blog and book your trip with the best aurora outfitter on the planet today.

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