It is hard to believe it, but our 11th aurora season has officially come to an end in Abisko National Park, Sweden! The 2022/23 aurora season was one for the record books! Lights Over Lapland welcomed thousands of guests from all over the planet and our team world class professionals helped the vast majority of those guests see powerful auroras that will forever live in their memories. Looking back on the season is always a pleasure, but this year was special and the volume of powerful, fast moving auroras was off the scale. Our team of aurora guides has more than 60 years of combined experience under the northern lights and we all agree on one simple fact: we have never experienced a season with as many powerful auroras as the one we just completed! That said, the fun is far from over! As we approach Solar maximum, we should only expect the Sun to become more active and for the auroras to become even more intense! The current Solar cycle is set to peak in 2025 which means that our guests and guides are in for a real treat for the next couple aurora seasons!

While Solar activity is mission critical for the creation of auroras, there is another factor which future aurora watchers should keep in mind: local weather. While the northern lights can be seen regularly anywhere north of the Arctic Circle people who dream of seeing the northern lights in person need to be aware that the location you choose to travel to can and does have a massive impact on your chances of success. While other destinations certainly have lots to offer, the simple truth is that Abisko is the best place on Earth to see the northern lights due to its location in a microclimate that blesses our slice of the Arctic with more clear, cloudless nights than any other location on Earth where the auroras can be seen. This phenomenon is a legend in an of itself and is lovingly referred to as the “blue hole of Abisko”. I have written about this local weather pattern many times in the past so I will not expand upon it in this article, but if you want to know more about what makes Abisko the best place on the planet to see the northern lights, take a look at the blog I wrote about the blue hole, here.

So now we know that the Sun is incredibly active and that the next few years will be filled with excitement for aurora watchers. We also know that Abisko national Park is the best place on earth to see the auroras due to its unique weather pattern. But there is still one more part of the puzzle which is missing: which team should you trust to look after you once you arrive in the Arctic? We believe that this answer is simple – You should choose Lights Over Lapland! That said, you don’t have to take our word for it! We are incredibly proud to announce that Lights Over Lapland was the first company in Abisko to achieve the milestone of 1000, five-star reviews on Trip Advisor! This achievement took a decade of hard work for every member of our team including our incredible administrative staff who tirelessly work with our guests before arrival, our team of highly talented guides treat each guest like a VIP and all of the rest of the crew who all play a critical role in ensuring that each and every guest has the best possible experience while in our care.

To summarize: Solar maximum is approaching, Abisko is the best place on Earth to see the northern lights and Lights Over Lapland is has more five star reviews than any other tour operator in Abisko National Park. Where will you be when Solar maximum arrives?

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