Born and raised in the north of Sweden, the distance to the mountains has never been far. Growing up, I spent most of the spring time up in the far north of Sweden with my Grandparents. Many years later my brother found work in Lapland and it was only a matter of time before I could no longer resist the temptation to move north and join him. I’ve been enjoying life in Lapland for five years now and I still wake up every day amazed at just how beautiful my backyard can be. Living in Lapland has caused me to enjoy physical training including CrossFit, trail running and skiing. While I am not a photographer, I can certainly understand why my colleagues and our guests enjoy photographing the stunning light and landscapes that are only available in Lapland!



Sadly, I no longer live in Abisko and have I just moved back home in the south of Lapland. That said, I could not stand the thought of not being part of the local landscape in Abisko so I was very excited when I was offered a chance to work remotely and still be involved with my true love – the north of Lapland. Thankfully, Abisko is not very far away and working with Lights Over Lapland gives me a chance to visit when my desire to see the mountains is to large to resist. My job, and one of my biggest interests, is to share this beautiful place with people. I spend my time in the office to help Linnea behind the scenes and to do everything I can to make your adventure the best that it can be. Along these lines, I look forward to speaking with you and helping you plan your adventure of a lifetime in Abisko National Park!



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